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Does Your Cat Suffer From a Common Feline Disease? Would You Know If He Did?

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Fetal feline diseases

Is your cat laying around all day? Finding the closest sun beam and not moving for hours? Will he meow incessantly while you make tuna fish? Does he curl up on your lap at the most inopportune times and sit on the keyboard while you are writing an important email or paper? Whew. Good. Then he seems to be fine.

Simply put, cats are bizarre. And as such, it may be difficult for us to be able to tell whether our cat is ill or not. Especially if they are strictly indoor, most people will not bother to bring their cats to the vet until they exhibit signs of being ill, and often times that may be too late. Veterinarians are specially trained in diagnosing common cat diseases, some of which are perfectly fixable, while others can be fatal feline diseases. Rather than risk it, make sure that you get your