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Horses Versus Dogs Why We Need To Take Their Health Seriously

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Almost every American has encountered a dog at one point or another. For most of us, dogs are “normal”, run of the mill pets. They have nothing in common with horses, who people unfamiliar with equines — that is, a large chunk of the population — find borderline exotic. Horses are livestock, big and often used for actual work; whereas most of the time, dogs are “luxury” companion pets, bred simply to be our good friends. They aren’t similar to each other — or are they? Those of us who’ve owned horses and dogs alike can attest that the two animals have much in common. Both are remarkably social. While dogs are descended from wolves, who live in packs, horses are known to be drawn into herds. Dogs find companionship in humans great, but they love it even more when they have another dog to be “f