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Burning Through Their Nine Lives

Cat disease

Cats are often considered family members. People feed them, pet them, sit on the couch with them, and let them sleep at the foot of their beds. Many people love their cats. When it comes to cat diseases, it is important for cat lovers to be well informed of some of the common cat diseases.

Some of the most common feline diseases are cat skin diseases. There are several different types. In most cases, a human skin condition has a feline counterpart. Cat diseases of the skin can range from small and inconsequential to major problems that are lifelong for the cat. They are most easily organized by their causes.

Some cat diseases of the skin are caused by a deficiency in the immune system of the cat. In such cases, the disease is likely to repeat itself.

Other skin diseases are caused by infection. Abscesses caused by cat bits fall into this category, as well as flee and ticks, not because they are directly infectious, but because they can be transferred. Ringworm is another common skin disease for cats.

Cat diseases of the skin can also be hereditary. Some cats are born with abnormal skin and experience problems because of it. The final cause of cat diseases of the skin is the manifestation of an internal disease. An example of this would be starvation. Though the problem does not involve the skin of the cat, the skin still suffers.

There are many different cat diseases, and having a knowledge of a disease helps it to be treated. Cat lovers need to be on the lookout for some of the more common diseases that a cat can contract, specifically skin diseases.