Does Your Aging Dog Need a Back Brace?

If you suffer from lower back pain, you probably need a heating pad on the back after a long day. If you have bad knees, it’s likely you use a brace for stability of the knee joint. But what if you’re a dog with these physical problems? A brace for back and knees for a dog of any size isn’t exactly something you can pick up from the corner drugstore, and a back pad won’t stay put.

Would a Dog Really Benefit From a Brace For Back and Knees?

Most pet owners understand that their dog or cat or bird or horse will need care at some point, usually when they reach a certain age. If the veterinarian makes a suggestion for one, you might wonder if your dog really would benefit from a brace for back and knees. Here are the reasons why therapy products for dogs are sometimes necessary.

When Does a Dog Need a Back or Knee Brace?

Not all dogs will need a back brace at some point in their lives. The truth is that there are some dog breeds whose skeletal structure make it far more likely that they will need some help. Dogs with a longer torso are suspect, such as the Corgi and the Dachshund. These breeds are more likely to suffer complications, such as possibly Intervertebral disc disease, or IDD as it is known. It is important to note that IDD can develop in any dog at any age.

How Does a Brace For Back and Knees Help a Dog?

A back brace limits the mobility of the spine by holding it firmly in place, which can help the wearer avoid any pain and discomfort originating from their movement. A support brace for a dog is customize fitted to provide the highest level of comfort and ease. In fact, a brace is often recommended to help the dog recover after a surgery, as keeping their spine stable during mild walks is important.

A brace can be a great therapeutic tool for a dog when needed. As many as one in four pets are estimated to suffer from arthritis, yet 76% of dogs living with hip dysplasia and arthritis can go on for many years in relative comfort, providing they have the best support.