How to Take Care of a Dog In Public

Dog park supplies

People in the United States of America absolutely love their pets. Whether they be cats or dogs, if you talk to someone who has a pet they will go on and on and on about how wonderful and fun they are. Since this is the case, it is important that people know the facts about owning, training, and raising pets such as a dog.

The number of households that own dogs can be estimated to be around 46,300,000. Between 37% and 47% of all households in the United States have a dog. Even though so many people own dogs, there is a lot of these dogs that they do not know, for instance how much exercise does a dog need?

When it comes to canine exercise needs, dog breeders suggest the ?five-minute rule,? which states that a puppy should have no more than five minutes of exercise for every month of his age. For example, a three-month-old puppy should get a maximum of fifteen minutes a day. If you did not know this, then continue reading this article for advice on exercise equipment for dogs.

Take Your Dog For Walks
Understand that when I speak of exercise equipment for dogs, I do not mean purchasing your dog a treadmill or dumb bells. Instead what I am talking about is quite simple. Some of the exercise equipment for dogs can include a canine obstacle course, dog park agility equipment, dog course obstacles, dog park accessories, and even dog park items.

These are some of the simple items you can purchase out of all of the exercise equipment for dogs that can help your dog stay in shape and stay healthy. It is believed that a dog needs the most exercise for the benefit of their health between ages 1.5 and four. Also, understand that on average it is believed that male dogs are less active than female dogs by 15%.

Clean Up After Your Dog
The Trust for Public Lands released a 2016 report that revealed information concerning major cities and dog parks. This report revealed that nearly every major city contains at the very least one dog park. This means that you can easily take your dog to the dark park for some fun exercise with other dogs, and you won’t even need exercise equipment for dogs.

When you take your dog to the park, you need to clean up after your dog when it goes to the bathroom. A single gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. On average, dogs defecate twice per day, which adds up to about 14 piles of feces in just one week. It?s estimated that at least 40% of dog owners don?t pick up their pet?s poop. Most cities have imposed fines for people who don’t clean up after their dog in a public area, and they can be up to $725

In conclusion, if you want your dog to be healthy and fit you do not necessarily need to go to crazy lengths to get this result. You do not need to buy your dog a guide to pilates or a membership to your local gym. All it takes is a walk a day, maybe a trip to the park and your dog will be healthy and fit for the days to come!
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