Join the 75 Million Dog Owners of the US

When you are heading to the pet store, whether for yourself or your kids, it is hard to ignore the overwhelming popularity of dogs. Over 75 million pet owners walk out the door to walk their dog in just the U.S. alone, more than any other country. This kind of devotion and loyalty is only rivaled by the dogs themselves. And who could blame them? Loyalty and a dog’s general love for their owners, when treated and cared for the right way, is only par for the course.

So you have decided on buying a dog. What now? First, you need to decide a breed. Arguably, a deciding factor should be a combination of your home dynamic, like having kids present, and your own lifestyle. Generally speaking, certain breeds of dogs will have negative dispositions towards children, especially young children like toddlers. Children in the household certainly narrows your search but there are plenty more to choose from. There are breeds of dog better suited for those wishing for a low maintenance pet or those who wish for a high maintenance dog. There are even several popular breeds best suited for the act of hunting and the retrieval of game; a partnership between man and beast that has lasted for hundreds of years.

What if you work long hours? What about commutes between great distances? It just so happens, those two questions are the central facts linked to the rise, and need, of pet day care centers. As it turns out, dogs need special care much like a 2-year-old toddler. In fact, generally speaking, dogs are just as smart. You would not want your dog wandering around outside just like you would not want your 2-year-old toddler doing the same.

With the ownership of a dog comes the responsibility to take care of them. Like the aforementioned 2-year-old toddler, puppies typically eat four meals a day between the ages of eight to 12 weeks. They also need special care in the form of dog grooming. However, dogs with short hair coats need less of a dog grooming service. When you get a haircut, it tends to really clean you up; Doggy grooming is not any different. In fact, professional dog groomers offer their dog grooming service to dog competitions since presentation has a heavy hand in a deciding score. If that is more your speed, simply use the search engine of your choice and search the keywords “dog grooming service near me” to get the ball rolling.

With this knowledge, your bed might be preoccupied with a dog just like the other 45% of dogs in the U.S.