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Three Cat Diseases to Look Out for

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If you own a cat, then you know how crucial it is to help your pet maintain good health over the course of his or her life. In order to do this, it is very important to familiarize yourself with common cat diseases, as well as the related symptoms, so that you can identify the problem and seek the help of a veterinarian right away. Here are three common feline diseases of which to be aware. If your pet experiences any of the cat disease symptoms listed below, see your local veterinarian immediately.

1. Worms

If your cats belly becomes swollen, he or she loses appetite, or exhibits diarrhea which may include long strands, these could be signs of roundworm. If your cat is experiencing weight loss and mild diarrhea, among other symptoms, he or she likely has tapeworm, These ailments can be treated with oral medication. In order to prevent worms before they infest your pet, keeping the cat indoors, clean, and free of fleas is essential.

2. Gingivitis

If your cat eats foods that are loaded with carbohydrates, he or she is more likely to have plaque buildup. The effects of this gum disease can be easily identified, and include bad breath a reduced ability to eat, and red gums. In this instance, a professional cleaning needs to be scheduled, followed by daily cleaning at home.

3. Upper respiratory infection

If your cat is congested, has a fever, has a reduced appetite, or is breathing faster, these could call be indications of an upper respiratory infection. This condition can be brought on by being crowded or stressed, but can just as easily be treated with antibiotics administered by a veterinarian. Plenty of fluids are a must as well.

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