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5 Foods You Didn’t Know Your Dog Can’t Eat

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When you have a pet, you treat that little creature like he or she is a family member. You love your pet and want to make sure that they are feeling good and that they are healthy. Having a pet can feel like taking care of a child or other family member, by making sure it has good, wholesome food to eat, is sleeping okay, and is not sick. Pet health is super important to you, and it’s totally understandable. You love your pet!

If you are a dog mom or dog dad, you might know that there are some foods that dogs cannot eat. These foods include chocolate and beer. However, there are many other human foods that you would probably never guess that your dog cannot have! Here are five of them, and why they can affect your dog’s overall health. Be sure to steer clear of these if you care about pet health!

1. Avocados

If you have a puppy, you need to make sure you keep them away from avocado! If you’re prepping for a party and making a big bowl of guac, you’ll want to make sure your dog doesn’t get to it. The same goes for families that grow avocado plants. Avocados have persin in them, and too much of it can be poisonous to your dog.

2. Onions

You’ll want to keep onions, in any of their forms, away from your dog. Onion power, raw onions, and even cooked onions can kill your dog’s red blood cells, causing anemia. This can manifest as vomiting and problems breathing in your puppy.

3. Grapes

While these sweet and juicy fruits are favorite summer fruits, they need to be kept away from your dog. When it comes to pet health, puppies do not need grapes because they can actually cause kidney failure. If you notice your puppy vomiting continually, it might be time to take them to the vet. The next day after your puppy eats grapes, you might notice that they seem tired, weak, and depressed.

4. Macadamia nuts

If you just bought a box of macadamia nut cookies to bring home for after dinner, make sure you keep it away from Fido! Six nuts are enough to make a puppy sick and can cause symptoms like muscles shakes, fever, and vomiting.

5. Raw eggs

If your dog gets into a carton of raw eggs, it can make them seriously ill. This is because there is a chance they can get food poisoning from salmonella or E. coli, just like humans can. Bacteria strains like these can cause symptoms like vomiting, dehydration, and sluggishness.

When it comes to the health of dog breeds, it’s important to take into consideration the exercise they get, how hydrated your puppy is, and also what kinds of foods they get into! Feeding your pet good quality pet food can give them the proper vitamins add nutrients they need. While human foods taste good to us, and while your puppy might be giving you sad eyes over wanting to share, know that these foods won’t be good for your dog. Keep these foods away and your dog will have better pet health, which he or she will thank you for in the future.