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Four Ways to Keep your Pet Safe this Holiday Season

How pet insurance works

This holiday season, there will be an increase in guests, holiday foods, and holiday decorations. If you have pets in the house, this is often a change to their normal schedules. Some will get overwhelmed, others will get into holiday foods they shouldn?t eat, and even the holiday decorations will be tempting to some pets. These tips will help you keep your pets safe this holiday season.

Be aware of their comfort
While some pets might enjoy the increased flow of company, others will get overwhelmed. Always know how your pet handles guests and ensure that they are comfortable. If they do not enjoy being around a lot of people, consider placing them in a separate part of the house, with minimal guest traffic. Ask your guests to avoid bothering them and explain that they do not like increased attention. Some cats especially do not enjoy large groups of people or a lot of noise. With about 76.43 million cats, the U.S. has more felines than any other country. Make sure your cat has a comfortable place they can retreat to, where they can be alone.

Know what foods your pet cannot eat
There are some foods, including foods that you might not expect, that are unsafe for your pet to eat. With large holiday meals, it is important to know which foods need to stay away from them. You should also inform your guests to not feed your pets from the table, as they are unlikely to know this prohibited list. Remember to take the garbage out as soon as possible. Carrying insurance for pet care can also be useful. Sometimes, despite your best intentions to avoid these prohibited foods, your pet still manages to get access to them. With how pet insurance works, you can get your pet the medical care they need, at an affordable price.

Be aware of the holiday decorations you use
Some holiday decorations can be especially dangerous to pets. Any garland that is made with tinsel, for example, can be harmful when eaten. Cats often look at holiday trees and lights as toys. Always be aware of the holiday decorations that you are putting up. Put them up in a way that your pet cannot get to them. Turn off all holiday lights when you are not watching them. Avoid using any tinsel decorations. If you do use potentially harmful decorations, make sure they are high enough that your pet, including cats, cannot reach them. Cat health insurance is also useful here. With cat insurance and how pet insurance works, you don?t have to worry about expensive cat health visits.

Avoid gifting a pet for the holidays
Many people think that gifting a pet for the holidays makes for the perfect gift. However, these are the pets that often end up in shelters. The family does not consider the costs or the responsibility of the pet. Owning a pet is a big decision and is one that should be lifelong. If you do make the decision to get a pet during the holidays, consider adopting one from a local shelter. The majority of pets are currently obtained from acquaintances and family members. About 28% of dogs are purchased from breeders, and about 29% of cats and dogs comes from shelters and rescues.

How pet insurance works
Pet insurance can be extremely valuable when owning a pet. If you are wondering how pet insurance works, it is very similar to the health insurance that you probably carry. If your pet requires any health care, testing, or routine checkups, the insurance makes the visit more affordable. Always consider getting pet health insurance for your pet. Also, remember to be careful this holiday season and ensure that your pet is always protected.