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Caring for Your Beloved Pet by Finding the Perfect Pet Health Insurance Plans

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Having a pet is a beautiful opportunity to connect with a precious living thing. Many people consider their pets to be part of their family, celebrating birthdays and mourning a death in a similar way to how people approach reactions to human family members at these occasions. Many people love the idea of being surprised on a holiday or birthday with an adorable little fur baby, bouncing around with an oversized bow. However this idea of the perfect gift comes with responsibility, and if you can provide quality animal care for your new best friend, you will soon understand what it is like to feel that the furry addition to the household is actually becoming a full fledged family member.

Protect your animals health with proper pet care
You love on your beloved pet. You have your favorite activities that become your favorite memories of time spent together, whether it is out for a run and some impromptu fetch with your rambunctious dog, or snuggling up for a snooze with your cuddly cat. Loving on that little animal is a crucial part of caring for it. But another vital aspect of your responsibility as a pet parent is to protect your animals health. This can come in the form of ensuring that your outdoor pet has enough water and shade on a hot summer day, or it can be grooming your pet to check for fleas and ticks. One major element in your efforts to protect your animals health is to look into pet insurance plans that will help to cover the costs of care and treatment for your beloved fur baby should there be an illness or injury at some point.

From puppy health insurance and senior dog care to cat insurance plans, pet health is important and can be approached in several different ways. Talking to your local veterinarian for just what to do with your pet is a great first step.

The prevalence of pets throughout the country
Americans love their pets. Around 37% to 47% of all U.S. households have a dog. And the United States is home to more cats than any other country, as host to over 76 million felines. Many pet owners are known to go out of their way to spoil their favorite furry family member. Some wealthier pet owners even visit dog spas built exclusively for the enjoyment of the beloved little canines. There are cat sweaters and elaborate climbing towers and houses for the adventurous felines. From pet wellness plans to the most complex of toys, from food and veterinary visits to beds and carriers, pet owners generally don’t seem to shy away from spending money on their pets. Throughout the country, the annual amount spent on pet supplies and over the counter medication totals $12.56 billion, while $13.59 billion is spent on veterinary care and $20.46 billion is spent on food. Caring for a pet can be expensive and sometimes even overwhelming, but always worth it.

It has been estimated that the majority of people with pets receive them from family members or acquaintances. About 28% of canines are bought from breeders, while 29% of dogs and cats are adopted from rescue centers and shelters. It just goes to show that a new family member can show up from anywhere, and can become a beloved and valued member of the family regardless of where he or she came from.