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Why Owners Of Older Dogs Should Apply For Pet Insurance

Changes in older dogs

Our pets are our family. They warm our hearts, bolster our lives and bring us endless joy. When they become sick or injured, it’s our duty to get them back up to speed with whatever resources are available to us. If you are taking care of older cats or older dogs? Even more so. To reduce stress in both your life and the life of your pet, consider investing in pet insurance. Just like our insurance, it’s a way to provide your pet the stability and resources they need to continue living a healthy and happy life. Let’s talk about health care for animals and what, exactly, older dogs and younger dogs alike need to feel good.

How Many Dogs Are There?

Dogs are one of the most popular pets out there, right after cats. Over 45 million American households have at least one dog, if not several, and this number is only expected to increase for…good and bad reasons. The good reason is that dogs are proven to be psychologically and emotionally beneficial to their owners, reducing stress and providing everything from laughter to excitement whenever they’re around. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to so many dogs in so many places.

What Are Common Issues?

Spaying or neutering your dog is a necessity to keep feral animals off the street. Although nearly half of all American households have a dog, there are a sizable amount of strays roaming streets and alleyways in countless cities. This increases the probability of spreading disease and animal attacks, with worst case scenarios including shelters being filled near to bursting with dogs lacking owners. When the United States spends nearly $14 billion on veterinarian care every year, you can do a lot to spay or neuter your dog and save everyone trouble in the long run.

What Are Frequent Illnesses?

Older dogs are more prone to injury and illness than younger dogs. Because of this pet insurance plans go a long way in covering the basics and making sure your furry friend is always in good hands. Common illnesses include heartworm, gum disease, sore joints, back problems, ear infections and eye infections. The health of dog breeds varies depending on purebreds and mixed breeds, to boot, with the former being more prone to hereditary issues and the latter a little less likely. Studies have shown most pets are received from friends or family members, with a smaller number coming from shelters and breeders.

Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Owners of older dogs want their pet to live the longest, happiest life possible. Health care for your animals means digging into your resources and making sure they have everything they need no matter what. This can include vaccinations, medication and surgery, though it’s imperative you double-check the unique qualifications of your insurance so you’re not missing anything vital. Optional add-ons can even be supplemented to your insurance depending on the unique needs of your dog, so make sure to customize it wherever you see fit! We rely on health insurance to make sure we’re covered. Why not make sure your pet has the same?