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Why You Should Take Your Pet In For A Regular Veterinarian Check-Up

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You take very good care of your pet. You make sure to give them plenty of treats, shower them with attention and always take their physical health into consideration. When your pet is struggling with an ongoing health issue, however, it’s imperative to skip the over-the-counter medication and seek out veterinary clinical diagnostics. Even a minor issue can compound over time and become a severe health problem, putting the life of your furry friend at risk. From cats to dogs to horses, each animal has their own unique physical ailments and treatment methods. Knowing what you’re in for will go a long way in keeping them healthy and both of you happy.

Dogs In America

One of the most popular pets are dogs. The United States boasts an impressive 80 million dogs across the country, with some households having one and others owning four or five. Dogs are generally social and outgoing, perfect for companionship, assisting with disability and supporting mental illness through therapy. However, some dog breeds such as the Basenji and the Chow Chow are known for their more aloof personalities. Whichever one you choose, be it purebred or a mixed breed, your dog will be your friend for many years to come.

Dog Health

There are multiple health issues dogs suffer from. Veterinary diagnostics are necessary to properly analyze and provide your pet with the proper solutions to prevent their health from getting worse. One million dogs have been found to be heartworm positive in the United States every year, with heartworm treatment costing up to $1,000 in many cases. For those that want to save money, a monthly preventative measure can save noticeably on veterinarian costs.

Cats In America

Not everyone has a dog in their life. Cats are popular for their small size, endless humor and flexible nature whether you live in the heart of a city or the outskirts of a rural community. Heartworm affects felines as well and just one or two worms can make a cat severely ill, affecting their breathing, energy and potentially making them progressively ill over time if not treated. Additional problems include gum disease and stomach issues.

Cat Health

Taking care of your cat is not unlike taking care of a dog. You should keep a close eye on their diet to ensure they are getting all of their necessary nutrients, with specialized treats able to prevent gum disease by cleaning out their teeth. Although cats will spit up from time to time, they should not show lethargy or weight loss from doing so. This could be sign of a deeper stomach problem that needs to be analyzed by veterinary clinical diagnostics.


Should you have one or more horses in your care, regular veterinarian check-ups are a must. Horses are known for being what’s known as ‘inapparant carriers’, as they have a tendency to not show overt clinical abnormalities as a result of a minor or severe infection. EIAV, short for ‘equine infectious anemia virus’, can be spread through horseflies and see horses dying after two to three weeks of infection. A proper diagnosis on a regular basis can hone in on this problem and see your horse healthy year-round.

Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics

Whether you own a horse, cat or dog, contract lab services are there to help. They can offer your pets vaccines to prevent common diseases as well as regular check-ups to pinpoint issues that could be flying under your radar. An antigen heartworm test can be given to dogs over seven months old, with puppies able to be started on a heartworm prevention regimen by default. With modern resources at your disposal, a long and happy life for your pet is easily obtainable.