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Your Pet Deserves the Best Veterinary Diagnostics Equipment and Labs

Canine heartworm antigen

Millions of people across the country own pets. While cats and dogs are the most popular pets, there is a wide variety of preferences among pet owners. From ferrets to horses to snakes to chinchillas, Americans love their pets. But as any pet owner can attest, the animals that an outsider might see as “just a pet” is often considered to be much more for the individual or family housing the animal. For many pet owners, that critter is another member of the family. This is why veterinary care and the availability of veterinary laboratory services are so crucial.

Veterinary diagnostics for thorough pet health care

For owners who want the best for their pets, finding the perfect veterinary clinic can feel just as important as finding the right medical doctor for the humans of the house. One of the important aspects of finding the right vet is finding a facility that has all extensive veterinary laboratory supplies, such as veterinary diagnostics. There are some veterinary diagnostics companies that function separately from the generic veterinary clinic where pet owners bring in their beloved critters, but the fact of the matter is, educated and well informed pet owners are going to have more confidence in a clinic that has its own quality veterinary laboratory equipment.

The popularity of pets across the nation

Across the country, there are millions of homes that include cats and dogs as part of the households. In fact there are somewhere between 70 million and 80 million pet dogs and anywhere from 74 million to 96 million pet cats across the United States. Though these are among the most common of pets, there are large numbers of other animals included in the pet or “additional family member” category. About 2 million people have horses, and it is safe to say that there are millions of people who own fish and turtles as well. Humans are social creatures, and it seems that interacting with each other is simply not enough. We also need the companionship of other species as well.

Pets or family members?

While those who have never owned a pet may find it hard to understand how pet owners can be so incredibly attached to their animals, to the point that their little furry or scaly friends seem to be family, anyone who has spent more than a little time with an animal can pick up on what’s going on. It is quite easy to bond with an animal, and when that animal lives with you and your family for extended periods of time, it is impossible not to feel connected. There are plenty of ways to see that a pet is often considered a family member. Just consider the fact that 63% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners regularly give their furry friends gifts at Christmas time. Perhaps they even have special events and parties for their littlest family member’s birthday as well.

Pets are important to their people. That is why veterinary clinics put so much effort into providing the best care and services possible.

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