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Heartworm Can Be Deadly How To Spot The Warning Signs In Your Cat Or Dog

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How do you take care of your health?

Do you take supplements to keep your hormones balanced or do you jog around the block three times per week to keep your cardiovascular system in check? Are you the type of person to prioritize your diet or is your biggest goal this year to get more sleep per night? Your pets have their own ways of looking after their well-being, but when they come down with heartworm or bloating there’s little they can do. This is where the love and knowledge of their owner comes in. Veterinary laboratory services are readily available to diagnose your pet, provide them resources and keep them feeling well year in and year out.

Quick Facts

Pets are widespread throughout the world. They provide us joy, stability and plenty of laughter in our stressful lives. It’s estimated the United States is home to over 80 million dogs, this already astronomical number beaten only by an estimated 96 million cats. Another two million people own horses and a significant number will own small birds or snakes if they’re interested in the exotic. An interesting poll revealed over 60% of dog owners and over 55% of cat owners will give their pets Christmas presents.


This parasite can strike in a number of ways and bring your pet down for weeks. Thankfully, it’s very easy to treat. It’s estimated over one million dogs are heartworm positive as we speak, though it’s important to note dogs and cats will show signs of this disease very differently. An infected dog can have up to 30 or more worms in their heart and lungs, while cats will have just one or two before showing symptoms of illness. Puppies under seven months old can be started on a heartworm prevention treatment without a test, that of which will take several months to test positive after an infection.


The first thing any responsible dog or cat owner should do upon bringing an animal back inside is checking them for ticks. These nasty insects are not just painful, they carry a host of diseases that can hurt or even kill your pet. The most notable is lyme disease, able to be passed to humans and cause long-term consequences such as chronic fatigue, fever and infection. Contract laboratory services can provide analysis and resources should you suspect the aftereffect of a tick bite on your cat or dog. No matter the severity, spotting an issue early on is key to starting a fast recovery. The veterinary diagnostics market is very familiar with ticks, fleas and any nature of parasites and their relationship to pets.


This condition is easy to spot, easy to treat and easy to prevent. That doesn’t make it any less painful. Affecting dogs (and particularly very small and very large dogs), this condition is known for causing painful gas, extended stomach, difficulty digesting and potentially difficulty breathing. Left unchecked your animal can go into shock and require emergency treatment. One of the easiest ways to prevent this is to give your animal small portions of food to eat so they don’t accidentally gorge themselves. If you have any doubt about your pet’s condition, veterinary laboratory services will nip it in the bud.

Reaching Out To Veterinary Laboratory Services

Just like you would visit the dentist once or twice per year to check on the state of your teeth, so too should you take your animals to the vet to make sure they’re in peak condition. Your dog should be exposed to daily exercise to keep their cardiovascular health sound and their muscles strong. Indoor cats need to be played with on a regular basis to keep them from become depressive or lonely. You can double-check any necessary vaccinations or shots when you go and potential conditions can be spotted early on the more frequently you drop by.

In a short, veterinary laboratory services are you and your dog’s best friend.
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