Checking For Heartworm in Your Dog

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Pets are a wonderful addition to any life: They offer great bounties of joy an spread love to anyone that comes into interaction with them. The fact that there are 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats currently owned as pets in the United States goes to show that there is a great deal of love to go around. Yet, when one of your pets happens to get sick, coming down with a bout of food poisoning, we know just how quickly it can break our hearts, especially if the sickness is quite serious. A common illness that is present in dogs is that of heartworm.

A parasitic roundworm that is spread from host to host through mosquito bites, heartworm can prove to be quite dangerous, as it can lead to serious blood infections or, at worst, death, causing congestive heart failure. If your dog becomes ill and your veterinarian states that they are heartworm positive, the treatments are rather expensive, running upwards of $1,000.

If you are worried about the health of your dog, wishing to assure that their health is protected to the best of your ability, it will be worth our while to consider utilizing monthly preventive medication and heartworm antigen test kits.

Approximately one million dogs in the United States are determined to be heartworm positive each year. If you have any concerns regarding whether your dog might be heartworm positive, you should consider seeking out the help of contract lab services. These contract labs will aid in performing canine heartworm tests on your dog, undertaking basic veterinary laboratory services to see whether your dog may or may not be heartworm positive. These clinics are specifically designed to construct testing kits for our pets, particularly through their contract lab manufacturing. Similarly, if any information is to be found from the heartworm antigen test kit, such that your dog is heartworm positive, then can offer means through which you can take care of your pet in due time.

If you want to attempt to evade all heartworm issues, you should definitely consider using heartworm prevention medicine on your pet. It should be known though that puppies under 7 months of age are able to be started on canine heartworm prevention without needing a heartworm antigen test kit, but you should begin testing them ever 6 months after you have started them on the medication.

If you are worried about your pet’s health, you should certainly take the time to seek out veterinary diagnostics companies, particularly ones that can offer heartworm antigen test kits. Show your pets that you love them by keeping an care of their heart.