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Beware of Common Cat Diseases

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While the vast number of dog illnesses and problems may get the majority of the attention sometimes, some people tend to forget that there are a number of common cat diseases that are out there as well. Some of these common cat diseases could cause both pets and their owners a substantial amount of grief. Learning about many of these feline diseases early on could be a terrific way to make sure that one takes every step necessary to prevent them.

Upper respiratory infections are some of the most common cat diseases out there. Like in humans, many of the cat disease symptoms for a respiratory infection can be relatively easy to spot. The cats may cough, spit up or produce mucus. They can also become prone to sneezing. These infections are typically caused by bacteria and viral infections, which can be caused by feline herpes and calicivirus.

Some of the other common cat diseases that can be expensive to fix if left untreated are diseases of the gums. Feline gingivitis can strike any cat, causing a number of more serious dental problems. By feeding a cat the right diet, they could prevent the formation of plaque, which can later on turn into tartar.

Finally, one of the most common cat diseases that too many owners will be forced to deal with at some point are worms. Roundworm and other varieties can wreak havoc on a cats digestive tract. Many cats end up getting worms from being outside, and will be forced to see their vet and take medication for treatment. By learning about these and other common cat diseases, pet owners can make sure that they do everything in their power to prevent their cats from getting sick. As every pet owner knows, nothing is more heartbreaking than watching a sick animal suffer, especially if it is preventable.