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Cat Grooming Can Keep Your Feline Happy and Healthy

Cat grooming is not as common as dog grooming but it is done. This video from a professional groomer shows cat grooming in a cat that is very much in need of grooming. It can be hard to find a professional cat groomer.

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Cat grooming is very difficult and dangerous. Most people never need to take their cat to the groomer because cats are very good about keeping up with their own fur. However, cats with longer hair may need occasional professional cat grooming.

Long-haired breeds often wind up with matting or things stuck in their hair that is difficult to remove. The matted hair can be painful and uncomfortable for the cat and keep them from moving freely. A groomer with cat care experience can remove the matted hair and give their hair growth a fresh start.

This video will show you what a challenge it is to remove matted hair from a cat using clippers. The cat was not harmed in the making of the video, everything that was done in the video was done to help the cat.

Watch this video to see this cat go from an uncomfortable matted mess to a clean-shaven comfortable kitty.