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What to Expect From Professional Cat Grooming

This video shows Emily Elias, a professional cat groomer, discussing what you can expect when you take your cat in for cat grooming. It starts with clipping the cat’s nails. Next, the paw is pushed back and the nails are cut as short as possible.

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The cat in the video has mats all over its fur. This cat is being groomed as short as possible to have a nice fresh start for the fur. Next, the groomer begins using electric clippers on the cat to remove as much of the hair as possible. Cats have delicate skin so the groomer must be careful. When the fur is matted, the only option is to shave the hair because it is dangerous to cut out the mats. The video shows all of the hair being removed with the electric razor.

There is a broad preference to what cat owners prefer when it comes to the length of the cut. Lion cuts are the most popular cut for cats. Some owners choose a fluffy tail while others want no fluff.