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Dealing with Dog Waste in a Scientific, Sanitary Way

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Pet waste stations

Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling feelings in the world. Watching your pet animal grow and thrive in your home can be extremely pleasing, and keeping a pet at home can also help you gather important life lessons and virtues that you can use elsewhere in life. Dogs are arguably the most popular choice of animal when it comes to pets, and if you are thinking about keeping a dog at home in the near future, it is important for you to know that this is as much of a fulfilling experience as it is a matter of responsibility and duty. Ensuring that your pet dog remains in the best of health at all times is definitely your responsibility, and this is something that is likely to take quite a bit of your time and effort.

There are quite a few considerations that you should keep in m

How to Take Care of a Dog In Public

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People in the United States of America absolutely love their pets. Whether they be cats or dogs, if you talk to someone who has a pet they will go on and on and on about how wonderful and fun they are. Since this is the case, it is important that people know the facts about owning, training, and raising pets such as a dog.

The number of households that own dogs can be estimated to be around 46,300,000. Between 37% and 47% of all households in the United States have a dog. Even though so many people own dogs, there is a lot of these dogs that they do not know, for instance how much exercise does a dog need?

When it comes to canine exercise needs, dog breeders suggest the ?five-minute rule,? which states that a puppy should have no more than five minutes of exercise for every month of his age. For e

Keep These 3 Tips In Mind When Training Your Dog

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Dog training obstacle course

Owning pets can be a lot of fun. You get to play around with them and watch them grow and you get to be their favorite person in the entire world. It?s hard to find anything in life that brings a person more joy than owning a great dog.

Another wonderful aspect of raising dogs is that you get to actually train them to be as skilled as you want them to be.

If you?re in the process of training your dog, for any reason at all, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Make sure you?re getting quality dog kennels

You can?t really spend all day training your dog to perform at the best of his or her ability and send them to sleep every night in a poor quality dog kennel. Your dog deserves the best dog kennels around and it?s your responsibility to give them a g

Heartworm Disease Take Preventative Measures and Ensure Your Pets Are Tested

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Since you love your pets, you want them to be as healthy and happy as possible. Heartworm disease is a major cause of concern for both dogs and cats, and if you even suspect that they may have heartworms, you should take them to the veterinarian to determine if this is the case.

In order to determine whether your beloved dog or cat has been infected, a heartworm antigen test kit will be used. It is possible, however, to administer a cat or dog heartworm test at home as well as at a veterinary clinic. If your dog or cat does have heartworms, it’s important to note that there are treatment options available.

Dogs and Heartworms

Do You Make Sure You Pick Up Your Dog Waste Every Time You Go for a Walk?

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You either love them or you hate them.
The dividing line for many people when it comes to an attraction or a dislike for dogs is the mess that they make. And while some people who are not big fans of dog can put up with a little bit of shedding hair every now and then, the issue of dog waste can be a real deal breaker. If, for instance, you do not have a dog, but you step in dog waster every time that you go for a run around the park, you will surely be on the lookout for anyone who is not doing their duty whenever the dog is doing its duty.
It can be annoying, in fact, when a big pile of dog poop is left on the ground when there is a Continue Reading

5 Foods You Didn’t Know Your Dog Can’t Eat

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When you have a pet, you treat that little creature like he or she is a family member. You love your pet and want to make sure that they are feeling good and that they are healthy. Having a pet can feel like taking care of a child or other family member, by making sure it has good, wholesome food to eat, is sleeping okay, and is not sick. Pet health is super important to you, and it’s totally understandable. You love your pet!

If you are a dog mom or dog dad, you might know that there are some foods that dogs cannot eat. These foods include chocolate and beer. However, there are many other human foods that you would probably never guess that your dog cannot have! Here are fiv

Your Pet Deserves a Great Vet

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Emergency vet

Pets have made our lives more bearable and more enjoyable for centuries. If you ask any pet owner, you will likely be told that pets are not just like family, they are family. When we think of family, we usually think of people who are closest to us. People who we would care for in sickness as well as in health. For so many pet owners, this is the way they think about their pets.

When a member of your family gets sick, you want to do whatever it takes to make them well again. You take them to as competent a doctor as you can find, follow the instructions on how to care for them when they come home and do your best to make them as comfortable as possible. The sane is true for pets.

Right now, there are roughly 46 million dogs who are owned by a household and almost 39 million cats. There is much to do in terms

Why You Should Take Your Pet In For A Regular Veterinarian Check-Up

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You take very good care of your pet. You make sure to give them plenty of treats, shower them with attention and always take their physical health into consideration. When your pet is struggling with an ongoing health issue, however, it’s imperative to skip the over-the-counter medication and seek out veterinary clinical diagnostics. Even a minor issue can compound over time and become a severe health problem, putting the life of your furry friend at risk. From cats to dogs to horses, each animal has their own unique physical ailments and treatment methods. Knowing what you’re in for will go a long way in keeping them healthy and both of you happy.

Dogs In America

One of the most popular pets are dogs. The United States boasts an impressive 80 million dogs across t

Why Owners Of Older Dogs Should Apply For Pet Insurance

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Changes in older dogs

Our pets are our family. They warm our hearts, bolster our lives and bring us endless joy. When they become sick or injured, it’s our duty to get them back up to speed with whatever resources are available to us. If you are taking care of older cats or older dogs? Even more so. To reduce stress in both your life and the life of your pet, consider investing in pet insurance. Just like our insurance, it’s a way to provide your pet the stability and resources they need to continue living a healthy and happy life. Let’s talk about health care for animals and what, exactly, older dogs and younger dogs alike need to feel good.

How Many Dogs Are There?

Dogs are one of the most popu

Your Pet Deserves the Best Veterinary Diagnostics Equipment and Labs

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Canine heartworm antigen

Millions of people across the country own pets. While cats and dogs are the most popular pets, there is a wide variety of preferences among pet owners. From ferrets to horses to snakes to chinchillas, Americans love their pets. But as any pet owner can attest, the animals that an outsider might see as “just a pet” is often considered to be much more for the individual or family housing the animal. For many pet owners, that critter is another member of the family. This is why veterinary care and the availability of veterinary laboratory services are so crucial.

Veterinary diagnostics for thorough pet health care

For owners who want the best for their pets, finding the perfect veterinary clinic can feel just as important as finding the right medical doctor for the hum