Four Ways to Keep your Pet Safe this Holiday Season

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This holiday season, there will be an increase in guests, holiday foods, and holiday decorations. If you have pets in the house, this is often a change to their normal schedules. Some will get overwhelmed, others will get into holiday foods they shouldn?t eat, and even the holiday decorations will be tempting to some pets. These tips will help you keep your pets safe this holiday season.

Be aware of their comfort
While some pets might enjoy the increased flow of company, others will get overwhelmed. Always know how your pet handles guests and ensure that they are comfortable. If they do not enjoy being around a lot of people, consider placing them in a separate part of the house, with minimal guest traffic. Ask your guests to avoid bothering them and explain that they

5 Foods You Didn’t Know Your Dog Can’t Eat

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When you have a pet, you treat that little creature like he or she is a family member. You love your pet and want to make sure that they are feeling good and that they are healthy. Having a pet can feel like taking care of a child or other family member, by making sure it has good, wholesome food to eat, is sleeping okay, and is not sick. Pet health is super important to you, and it’s totally understandable. You love your pet!

If you are a dog mom or dog dad, you might know that there are some foods that dogs cannot eat. These foods include chocolate and beer. However, there are many other human foods that you would probably never guess that your dog cannot have! Here are fiv